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Back problems… For many of us, an inevitable evil that may be exacerbated by sitting in a chair that doesn’t have your back’s best interest in mind. Think of your back like your car’s engine, sure you don’t have to change the oil every three thousand miles but how far are you willing to let the poor thing run before you do? Your back is no different, all the floors you slept on at sleepovers as a kid and the countless foggy mornings in college you found yourself waking up on someone’s couch. The years of torture and abuse that the human back valiantly endures is no small feat but as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, or do they? Many of us work in an office setting, in an office chair that lacks ample back support creating a great deal of stress on the lower back. Fortunately for us, the powers that be have taken our backs into consideration for us. Adjustable lumbar support that comes standard on chairs like the ONE Series from @theOffice is a commonly over looked luxury that could be thought of as an insurance policy on your back for those long days at the office. With quality lumbar support from your office chair, the muscles surrounding your lower vertebrae are relieved of much of the strain caused in the effort to keep your spine naturally curved.


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